Parkland County Commercial Cleaning

Parkland County Commercial Cleaning


When it comes to running a business, the fundamentals matter. Every business owner may not have time to clean their office space nor do their employees have the experience to get the job done right. Having a professional janitorial service allows you to show pride in your business place while caring for the health and hygiene of your employees and customers.

Increased Productivity for Your Business

Having a commercial cleaning service for your Parkland County business makes business sense.

    • Increased morale
    • Less sick days
    • Increased productivity
    • Office assets last longer

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restaurant cleaning

Restaurant Cleaners

Impress your patrons with a professional janitorial service from White Stag Janitorial. We offer a commercial cleaning service that takes care of both the front and/or back house of your restaurant.  

We will meet and exceed the food safety cleaning guidelines set by Alberta Health (AHS).

Our services can be tailored to ensure only the areas you need are cleaned at the frequency you require.

Our Little Ones Matter

When it comes to caring for our future, it is our little ones that matter. Caregivers and children need a clean and safe place to work and play. They need healthy spaces. When you work with White Stag, we provide exceptional janitorial services that keep the germs in check.

Rest easy knowing our cleaners are UL Ecologo™ Certified so that the future, and play spaces, stay bright.

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recreational area

No Sweat

Recreational centres see high traffic. When you walk into a clubhouse, community hall, gym or recreation room the first impression lasts.

Your guests deserve a clean and healthy space. Dirty equipment can leave behind bacteria and viruses that you don’t want to share with the next user.

We keep clean:

    • Gyms
    • Clubhouses
    • Community Halls
    • Churches
    • Pools
    • And more!

Having a professional janitorial service will impress and help retain your clients. We do our due diligence in pools, fitness rooms, lockers, showers, washrooms, and more where specialized sanitation and disinfecting is needed.

Not So Common Cleaners

Living in condominiums and apartments means lots of traffic in and out. Season by season, the type of mess changes but the amount of cleaning remains the same.

In Spring we track mud from the thaw, summer we track dust and grass clippings, autumn we track dry and dead leaves and winter we track mud and snow. You can see the never-ending mess.

Shared living spaces and entrances of residential buildings need care so that they remain inviting to visitors and residents. Our uniformed janitors make managing your building much easier. When you hire White Stag Janitorial, our commercial cleaning means clean living.

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students at their desks in school

Schools Out, Cleanings In

Staff and students deserve clean, healthy spaces. Professional janitorial services ensure that education isn’t disturbed by preventable illnesses or the distraction of dirt. We can work with school administrators to improve the quality of your educational facility.

Our institutional cleaning staff will work with administrators to balance tight budgets with high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. We are ready to meet your request for proposal.

Take Pride

White Stag Janitorial is an independently owned and operated premium commercial cleaning company based out of Parkland County. We take great pride in ourselves and have a sincere commitment to excellence, not only in our janitorial services but in every interaction with our clients and the public.

If at any time you are not satisfied, let us know and we will do what we can to make it right!



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