I want to share a case study that examines a real on boarding scenario with an existing client. In consideration of the client, I’ve omitted identifying information.


This business had been working with a long-term cleaning service provider. They had started to notice that the level of service from their existing cleaning company had been declining over the years. So their administrator was searching for a new Janitorial Services provider. 


It’s my job to connect with clients during a consultation and identify their challenges and needs. This client’s space is large and has high traffic. On top of that, some of the staff have scent sensitivities. COVID was a new concern. Their existing janitorial partner was not putting in the expected effort, which was pretty evident. The key issues were: 

  • Their current janitorial partner did not check in with the client at any point 
  • They had not kept up with the periodical cleaning duties in their contract (high level dusting and window cleaning). 
  • Dust was everywhere. Clearly, there was no concise routine or adequate standard of care being provided.
  • The restrooms were not well maintained, which was a particular concern 
  • There was an overall feeling of dissatisfaction.  
  • The lack of cleanliness was causing stress within the building.


White Stag Janitorial was awarded a contract with this company. Upon starting, a reminder of the first service was sent out to the administrator so they could remind all employees to clear their desks of project work. We created and started to employ a plan to bring the workplace back to a high clean standard. In address the sensitivities of their staff, we only use unscented cleaning products. 

We utilize technology to pass on information regarding site requirements. Doing so allows our whole team to know what this facility needs at all times. We also conduct inspections that illuminate any areas that may be improved upon. 

Most importantly, we stay in contact with the client, communicating regularly and making it clear she should feel welcome to reach out to us at any time. Sometimes there are situations we need to adapt to, which is to be expected. What makes it easier to deal with for the client is our level of transparency. We talk directly with her and communicate with staff effectively. Expectations are clear, and instructions are in writing for later reference.

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