The phrase “unskilled worker” gets tossed around when it comes to cleaners. While that usually means they don’t have an academic background, the term just doesn’t sit well with me. Here are some of the very skills it takes to be one of our cleaning professionals:

1. Observation: Cleaners must have attention to detail so they can spot all soiled or dusty areas

2. Listening: Cleaners need to be able to listen to input from clients, supervisors, and team mates to provide excellent services.

3. Trust: The individual must be trustworthy to become a key holders and reliable to know they will show up and get the job done.

4. Flexibility: The cleaners need to be prepared to handle additional cleaning or additional clients.

5. Time consciousness: The cleaner needs to have great time management. Work must start on schedule and end on schedule all while completing the planned tasks for the space.

6. Tenacity: While we can encourage collaborative attitudes, cleaners are always there to support occupants by being responsible for the space at the end of the day.

7. Physically fit: Cleaning requires constant movement; lifting, packing, bending, walking, reaching, etc.

8. Technical understanding: Cleaners use equipment (scrubbers, vacuums), technology (apps), hand tools (mops, scrapers), and chemicals (cleaning solutions).

9. Communication: A cleaner needs to be able to communicate for things like supplies for locations or support from team mates.

These are just some of the skills needed to be a successful cleaner.

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